Without Flaw, There is No Character

In a world of Photoshop, highlighted credentials, and spotlight traits- we rarely see the promotion of our peers’ flaws. There is no media, or purpose for that matter, to characterize and portray ourselves to others through our pitfalls and defects. Rather, we bury the deepest insecurities through indulgence of the best version of our self on paper and online. We do not endorse our flaws.

But without flaw, there is no character.

See, for every great feat of athleticism, there is a boy who fell down ten times before learning to step onto the high pedestal. But we don’t ask how he got there, we ask how many times he’s been there. For every intricate piece of world class art, she endured years of criticism and failure as to what modern art means. But we don’t ask to view her trial runs, we ask to see the million-dollar piece.

For all that could be and all that hasn’t been, there is a day of accomplishment. The failure and flaw does not define us, it reveals our true character to make something from scratch. With all this being known, why do we countlessly observe those who give into failure and settle? Because we see the accomplishments highlighted and the flaws dimmed. No one will show you how to get there, but when you do- the sensation of execution far outweighs the burden of failure.

So I challenge you to embrace the flaw, because it will build your character:

One Day at a Time

David Halvorson | 13 November 2017 | @dhalvy99

David Halvorson