Don't Forget to Love Yourself

We know we take life one day at a time, but what does that first day of positive mental health entail? Loving yourself. To be successful in all other aspects of life and to truly find happiness, you have to learn to love yourself first.

Unfortunately, it’s so much easier said than done.

The easy thing is to compare ourselves to others that look the way we wished we looked or are as smart as we wished we were, etc.…the list could literally go on for miles. We’re constantly looking at others for the answers to happiness, “Oh, if I had her body then…” or “Oh, if I were as smart as he was then…” or “Oh, if I had a boyfriend/girlfriend then…” and forget that we’re all individuals completely unlike anyone else on the planet.

 So many people make it look so easy to love everything about themselves, but regardless of how we perceive them, everyone is struggling with their own internal battles and comparing themselves to others in the exact same manner we constantly catch ourselves in.

It’s easy to focus on the negatives rather than the positives: the things we wish we could change about ourselves rather than the things we love about ourselves, the things we don’t have rather than all we do have, all of the great things we’ve experienced rather than the hardships we’ve endured. It’s inherent human nature, but that’s our problem, which is why it needs to be the first thing to actively change in our lives if we want positive mental health.

Try starting here…

Write a list of 3 things you like about yourself (ex. I have nice hair, I can sing, I work hard, I’m caring, etc.) and put the list on your bathroom mirror. Every morning when you get ready, read the list 3 times and mean what you wrote. By starting your day with a positive image of yourself, it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

It won’t be a 180 turnaround after a day, but getting in the routine of doing this every morning will eventually increase your self-worth overall, just remember to take it One Day at a Time.

India Presnell | 7 August 2017 | @ndeeeyuh


David Halvorson