My Entirety

The entirety of who you are is base upon the society of where you began.

It includes the all the people who inspired me.

All the good times and all the anxiety.

Your opportunity came in variety.

Thus, along the way my decisions were of piety and sometimes lacked clarity.

But it was all for a reason, it made the entire me.

Every time I lost and every time I failed,

Was the framework for my life’s metaphorical diary.


So today I stand,

Building up my esteem.

I avoided the modesty,

To chase a life of higher mean.

Some choose to see notoriety.

But I need to find the best me.

And I do believe,

One Day at a Time we can chase higher peaks.

David Halvorson | 17 October 2018  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson