Cost of Good People

“The cost of having good people in your life is that one day you may have to say goodbye.”

We don’t know when, or why, or even how it will happen. But the reason we throw our wager down on the table; the purpose for keeping those people in your life while you can, is because they’ve done something to impact you.

 We love them, we hate them, we can’t live without them… whatever the “we _____ them” is, something keeps us attached. As a mentor, they’ve taught you how to move forward.  Or as a letdown, they’ve taught you how to move on. The impact no matter how small or how great it is, has made a part of what you are.

 Though it takes a literal lifetime for that realization of their value to set in, it takes but a moment to lose that someone. And in that moment, you reflect on all these shattered pieces of emotion and idea that were contributed to your life by this person. They now lay still. Quiet. The room that embodies your relationship with this someone, is now lonely. You stand alone in this room.

 The hardest part is walking out of that room and closing the door one last time. But as quickly as that realization of value was found, as quick as that sudden loss crept in, a third idea is founded. The acceptance of their influence on your growth. Today you stand as a representation of all the people you’ve ever met. Thankfulness is the only truth to tolerate. Honest, pure, and humbled thankfulness of this now-passed-on someone.

 “And as he realized their time was limited, he recognized the impact they had made. The lessons they had taught. The memories to be never forgotten. He wouldn’t ever have changed his decision to make them apart of himself. Their shared time was well worth the cost of having to say goodbye.”

 Love thankfully, One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 10 October 2018  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson