The World Will Move On

The world will move on.

Whether you like it or not, the present becomes the past as fast as it hits you. There is no magic button to stop or slow down time. And as we all know, time is our most valuable asset. Its value is found in an immeasurable, priceless, non-tradable, and unknown phantom-like boundary that fills the gaps between each of us; it is the order by which we live by.

Time does not stop. It makes the world move. And as awful as this sounds, there is a silver lining. The ability to use the time in front of your face and put the past behind is a blessing and an opportunity. Where you started, the world you were born into- it does not define the person you are meant to be.

Our parents have always taught us to “spend our time wisely” and to that I say no. Spend your time meaningfully. Act on your dreams now. Because whether you’re my 18 year old friend who’s time ran out years ago or my 90 year old grandfather who’s still kicking ass, time is not fair nor is it equal. You may never know when the last bit of sand hits the bottom of your hourglass.

The world will move on and present becomes past. So do today not what you should, but what you were meant to do. One Day at a Time

David Halvorson | 12 February 2018  |@dhalvy99



David Halvorson