The Will to Change

Not the aspiration, not the plan, not the idea, and certainly not the damn need.

The WILL to change is to have a pure ambition, a sense of urgency and pride in moving forth with one’s life. Eric Thomas stated in a presentation that the more pure our goals become, the more likely we are to achieve. When we whole heartedly believe and work towards a goal with the intention and interest that failure is not a determination of end all, we have a will.

Will is certainly different from its seemingly-synonymous word choices. Aspirations contain no action. Plans are simply ideas not yet acted on. And needs omit the interest and pride in working towards a goal. Will is a combination of all things pure and prideful we have to offer.

People will certainly achieve goals through other means (plans, aspirations, motions). But will also encompasses the long-term well-being factor of our goals. How we achieved, how we got to where we are was the result of something that simply meant more than surface appearance.

The will to change will always overcome the need to change.

Find your will, One Day at a Time

David Halvorson | 26 February 2018  |@dhalvy99



David Halvorson