Remember Why You Started

“It was not that I needed attention, nor love, nor any extra treatment. It was that I was terrified of failure; not the failure that comes with discovering something new, but the failure that resulted in my lack of belief in myself and potential. I was terrified of this failure, thus swore I’d always push myself to do the extraordinary.”

The hardest part of pursuing our dreams is not the first step. It is not the second step, or even the third. Rather, adversity sets in long after we have decided to do the extraordinary. To keep the flame burning is to stay the course. And to stay the course, we must always reflect on why we started.

Remember a time when your attitude was nothing short of relentless. In that moment of time nothing else mattered besides the extraordinary project you pushed to create. Your reason for starting was in full focus and nothing could lead you astray.

Time passed and the goal you had so eagerly envisioned became lost in the weeds. You fell victim to (of every possible risk) yourself. It is human nature to eventually become bored with tedious tasks.  Our purpose is covered up by the dry and tiresome daily routines. Sometimes we lose heart and often times we quit. But how often do we reflect on our “why”?

Going back to the start of your journey is crucial in determining our destiny. No goal was ever achieved on cruise control, but rather, a valiant upward climb that defied the face of all doubt day in and day out.

Belief in yourself, defy doubt, and remember why you started- One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 6 February 2018  |@dhalvy99


David Halvorson