It Does Not Define, It Reveals.

The darkest of times do not define your life, they reveal your current circumstance and provide an obstacle that you may choose to do what you will with it.

I strongly believe that to truly find yourself, you must endure a transformation so great that you live and breathe to succeed every single day. Your circumstance must be that of an uncomfortable, unsettling pit that sits in your stomach from sun up to sun down.

No great feat. was ever accomplished through a comfortable and routine lifestyle. To fully understand why my extreme statement is worthwhile, I want to break down the characteristics of enduring pain to find yourself.

1)    Only after being stripped of everything that gives you peace of mind, will you find the integrity and sense of urgency. The passion a human has deep down is outwardly reflected only when a person is fully immersed in the task at hand- including fighting for your will to do good.

2)    Living a life to accomplish “something” while already have “something” gives no appreciation to having “nothing”. That “something” will forever be your safety blanket until you are ready to risk it all for a better situation.

3)    To drive along a paved path is to follow someone who has already been there. The road ends somewhere down the line. And if you find comfort in only following a paved path, you will never take the uncharted territory. And that is where new opportunity lies.

4)    And last, we often become obsessed with someone else’s image. By creating our own slate without the influence of others, we have the capabilities to create our own image. No outside source, no bs, only what your heart truly wants.


The darkest of times do not define you, they reveal you. Do not be afraid to take a chance One Day at a Time. 

David Halvorson | 19 March 2018  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson