Problem, Hear Me Out?

There is a problem.

Our goals become dull

Because of misconstrued and twisted visualized endings.


Irrelevant itineraries for the sake of doing,

Rather than living.

Living in a sense of fulfillment,

To which our happiness far surpasses superfluous stress.


So why do we do?

Do, because security means success in today’s collection of titles.

Security, both intangible and tangible is a caption that holds itself above our heads.

We no longer need to explain why we are deserving of your attention.

No, the security speaks for itself.

And that…that has become the definition of success.


So, the feelings I once felt,

The dreams I once dreamt,

They become normalized to the sound of a society’s reversion to the mean.

Revert or be extradited.


And to those who can stray away from the beaten path,

To those who can live out dreams-

You have solved the problem.


Are you happy?


To live in happiness,

The sound of a beating drum is not heard.

For happiness follows no leader,

It is its own determinant.


So I’ll state once more.

Our goals become dull.

We revert to the mean.

Steer clear of the beaten path,

And be your own “you”.

One Day at a Time. 

David Halvorson | 5 March 2018  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson