Sticks and Stones

“Sticks and stones may shatter my bones and ricochet off my dome, but your words will only fuel my desire to prove you wrong.” –may or may not be a personal quote…

Since I can remember, I HAVE cared what people said. I have cared what others thought about me. I have not always made my own decisions or created my own path. Not to say I did anything horrible, but during this time of my life where other’s opinions truly mattered to me- I felt somewhat caged.

As I grew up, I developed a keen mental stiff arm to anyone who looked down on me. It was a period of self-realization where I broke free from the constraints of others. Yet, now I seemed to carry the “asshole” persona.

The more I evaluate experiences and interactions with others, the more I evolve my ideas of letting others’ words influence my person.

I believe we all start at square one, where self-esteem is difficult to develop.  Once we have some grips as to shutting out the bad, we think our esteem issues have ceased.  But a third phase is involved.  The third phase encompasses the ability to carry your self-esteem, hear the good and the bad, and generate self-evaluations.

A negative opinion towards your character may be the wake up call you need to turn from bad habits.  And likewise, a negative opinion towards your character, though undeserved, may be the fuel you need to further prove you CAN accomplish a goal.

The development of our personal esteem is complex.  It is not an answer of low or high self-esteem, but rather the ability to care about yourself enough to check yourself.  And also the ability to use other’s words against you as motivation. I believe we all have the ability to create a sustainable mental pathway when encountering negative opinions.

Develop yourself, One Day at a Time

David Halvorson | 17 April 2018  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson