The World Owes You Nothing

“The world owes you nothing.

You do not deserve, because you claim you deserve.

Respect is earned.

Hard work is the loudest declaration of worth.”


Sadly, we’ve navigated towards a society of complaints, skepticism, shortcuts, and shortcomings. We as people want respect and we as workers feel as though we deserve that which is not already in our possession. I direct our attention to proving our deserving needs rather than asking for them. When was the last time you asked for “x”? When was the last time you said nothing, but worked until you were offered “x”?

When I say that the world owes you nothing, I look back to the people who have gained respect through their great actions rather than trying to convince the population that their actions were great. Da Vinci, St. Peter, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Jackie Kennedy, Jeff Bezos…all possessed the same characteristics. Humility, persistence, respect for “the grind”, repetition, and passion for their cause.

In history, respect and recognition has always been earned. No empire was built over night. And CERTAINLY, success has no affiliation with a testimony as to why a certain individual deserves that success.

Work to prove your value, remain humble, and trust the process One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 26 June 2018  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson