They Leave, You Stay.

“When everyone else starts to head for the door, sometimes you just need to stay put.”

Sometimes, we depict success from the actions of others around us. Perhaps we feel inferior. Some want to check out mentally and follow suit. To follow the crowd when they all leave the room, is to strip your differentiating decision to stay put and create an alternative.

To stand up and follow everyone is to take your potential and grind it down into the same pencil everyone will write with for the remainder of their days. The more we idolize the lives of others, the less dependent we become on our own initiative. When you aspire for them to count you in, you learn to count yourself out. The want to become part of the pack leads to the burial of your ability. Recognize that progress is long term. Long hours and dedication pay off. When it starts to hurt, only will you realize the perks.

We believe in what we see. Most of us have not begun to have faith in what we are deep down. We tend to group our characteristics and categorize the type of person we are most like. Grouping ourselves under a normalized predetermined path is about as simple as staying within the lines of a coloring book. The easiest way to work at something is to follow in the footsteps of others. Next level success is achieved when you create your own path. No outlines, no directions, no handouts.

I challenge you, just once, to turn your talent into something extraordinary. Separate yourself from the rest, do it different.

To be great means to be different. To be different, stay put when they all leave One Day at a Time. 

David Halvorson | 29 August 2018  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson