Two Explanations.

Regarding our Tuesday post on Instagram, “There are only two explanations. The first is that we are all beyond mad, psychotic some would say. The second is that we are beyond valuable in our differentiating beliefs when we come together,” I’d like to add on.

The concept of disagreeing is, in short, a separation of beliefs to which neither side will ever give credit to. There are various reasons such being: pride, fear of unknown, disregard for certain groups’ opinions, and actual correctness (to one side over the other).  Especially lately, our society develops sub groups to draw even finer lines in the sand. Turn the TV on and you find sheer madness. Look at the comments in social media sent ferociously by keyboard warriors. In the end, simply, our shit seems broken.

Is it that humans have lost touch with sympathizing? We no longer have the will or power to contemplate another position than our own for the sake of sanity? Are we mad?

Through the thick and the thin I believe there is another layer of humanity we are not observing. The value we all possess can be coalesced to create an even greater “something.” When humans come together, the impossible becomes todays norms. So, as we observe a lot of negativity, we must come back to all the amazing feats that were born to our earth from differences set aside. The US, the iPhone, the airplane, a symphony, the first man on the moon…

We do have the ability to work as one. I want everyone to understand that the world is not as crazy as media makes it out to be at the moment. There are good people. There are people who take their uncorrelated beliefs and create the impossible with other uncorrelated beliefs.

I believe the world is still a good place, full of endless potential. Though evil exists, it is not psychotic in a unanimous decision. Recognize the value around you, One Day at a Time

David Halvorson | 5 September 2018  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson