A Picture Clear View.

A picture clear view,

Of what this life can do to you.

If you buy into the hate, greed, and cruel.


I promised myself I’d kill the old me and make a brand new,

 One that doesn’t give in when he’s black and bruised. 


 I’d get all the spotlights, the fame and for once I’d be the jewel, 

 That everyone stares at when they enter the room.


But as quickly as I asked, needed, and became; I saw the other side of the moon.

 Because when you expose your everything to the world, the ugly pours in by the tablespoon. 

 One drop at a time until your body seizes up as if it’s no longer immune,


To all the hate, greed, and cruel

 That I welcomed in so often, it developed its own signature tune.

 So when you’re given a life to live; live to be and not to attune.


 With that said, I’ll flip the record and look up to the sky;

 And back around until my sight sees a different design.

 Finally I recognize what I’m seeing, it’s the punchline;

 To every story, joke, and headline

 In my life’s momentarily saddest times. 


But there was never a need to shine

Above the rest. No I didn’t have to climb,

Very far to find such a sublime life

And all the caveats that came along with this “oh so divine.”

Blind, once, but now a lifeline.

 For everyone who could use this wakeup sign.


As quickly as we start, it’s all said and done and our time runs dry;

So always remember to find your purpose One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 20 February 2019  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson