Back-up to Re-up

Aspiration to be better. Maybe because of the influence, maybe because of a distaste for a stagnant lifestyle. A sense of urgency sets in; this urgency becomes the fuel for the motor you’re running on. You’re chasing the end goal and completely disregarding the process. 


That’s how you got there. The road you took, the paths you paved; blood sweat, and tears made this happen. That process is you. The end goal simply shows how far you’ve come, marked by a stop. 

Back up to re-up because your end is your stop. To reflect, to pause, and to re-strategize is to refine your process, your path. The end goal, the stop- it can wait. Because the person who meets that stop can be anyone; it’s a matter of how you got there and the person that was developed during the road to meet that stop.

Self-reflect and don’t be afraid to breathe. To take 2 steps forward is aggressive. To take 2 forward and 1 back is calculated, yet progressive. In this life our truth is reflective of our character. Refine that character and don’t be afraid to back up to re-up, One Day at a Time

David Halvorson | 27 February 2019  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson