Visualize. Conceptualize. Materialize.

-The pillars of Windy Willow and an applicable significance to an individual’s lifestyle.-

 For any venture, any decision, or any movement to come about, a structural approach seems appropriate. To ensure quality and efficiency of the outcome, a breakdown and evaluation should occur. 

To visualize is to create a through-and-through of your “something”. From inception of thought, you can envision a probable after-effect. This idea of yours becomes an intellectual art.

 Thoughts turn to words on paper. To make the transition from idea into tangible “something” is the creation and conceptualization of your project.

And to push the standard to its limit, we materialize or finalize the concept; turning it into something real, pure, and meaningful. Materialization captures the details, relationships, and fine tuning of creation. Many times, creators forget the last step of adding value to their “something”. And on the outside looking in, no value is found in the eyes of a consumer/client. 

If you have nothing past the surface, no inner value; there is no appreciation for the presence of “something”. “Visualize. Conceptualize. Materialize.” is a guideline, a mantra if you will. It is simply a suggested roadmap in thought creation and ideation. 

 But couldn’t the last step of materialization be applied to our mannerisms in addition to our projects? 

 To visualize, materialize, and conceptualize is merely fine tuning our actions. To be someone is common. To be a genuine someone requires added value. Add your value and fine tune your actions, One Day at a Time. 

David Halvorson | 5 February 2019  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson