When To and When Not To

Communication and interaction possess powerful capabilities. Both are tools that have the aptitude to make or break an individual. To reach out or not to reach out? To say that “something” that’s on your mind or to hold back, knowing you could cause unnecessary harm. To rethink the way we want to respond or to act on instinct and say the words we never intended to.   

Your influence starts with your interaction. And I’ll pause. Why is it, that there are countless examples of love and compassion as primary means of fixing a heart; but when it comes to suppressing our first instinct, we fail miserably? As soon as tensions are high, words spew, emotions take flight, and our conscious effort to better the world one thought at a time is forgotten. 

To this, I propose “When To and When Not To”.

Training your emotions and response- both verbally and through body language. 

The world is only as good as the people that inhabit it. If we, as a collective body, can learn how to interact with one another, we are that much better off. One more smile, one less tear. The small wins add up. 

This week, we challenge you to go outside of your means to say one cordial comment. And on the flipside, to suppress the need to lash out when your patience runs thin.

Know “when to and when not to”, One Day at a Time

David Halvorson | 13 March 2019  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson