Pieces of Opportunity

Two men approached an old car, both carrying a can of gas and a lighter. The first man emptied the can on the rusted old roof. As he lit the vehicle ablaze, his delight was sparked. However, as the mere temporary, contained fire died, as did his amusement. 

Now the second man. He found no use for the lighter as he further analyzed his situation and needs. The can of gas was emptied into the corroding old tank. The man used all the pieces he could muster up and with some minor tweaks, the engine started right up.  As was the car meant to be driven, the man’s eyes were meant for seeing. The old car took that man around the countryside. For miles and miles, the man saw sights and his amusement only lasted. His joy was accompanied by passion, respect, appreciation, and fulfilment.

We are given opportunity. Some choose to squander. Some to choose to create something deeper. Temporary happiness is intangible. There is no substance to it because it’s not truly there when the noise dies. And to find a sustainable joy, that is the ultimate goal.

The way we choose to spend our energy can deeply impact our lives. Concurrently, there are poisons in our life that can destroy opportunity. Your life does not measure up to the peaks of amusement. But rather, is defined by the process in which you find fulfilment; your pieces of opportunity summed up into the final equation equals you. 

Find your process and create your final equation with your pieces of opportunity, One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 19 March 2019  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson