Can You Give Me a Chance?

Can you give me a chance?

Because my resume is not reflective of my heart. My current situation does not define my destination. And the face you see is not as is, but is animated by my personality.

I ask that I be judged only on the actions I’ve taken, and the mountains I’ve scaled. Review my number of knock outs to get ups. Evaluate my character.  

But do not.. do not ever dismiss what it seems because “as it seems” is never what it truly is. You don’t know me, you cant know me. I barely know me. But I do know I am something.

So can you give me a chance?

Because I am more that assumptions and words. My output is greater than my input; where my intentions are of greater means that myself. And if my cause is just, how could you pass me? Isn’t that what we all work for, for the bettering of the people and society around us? Isn’t the whole goal to be happy? My intentions are right and my heart yearns for solace. 

But you’ll never know this from the outside. You will never see through what you’re not willing to. So I ask again,

Will you give me a chance ,not because of what you appear to know. But because of that which you do not know.

Give me a chance, One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 28 March 2019  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson