I feel myself changing. 

In a good way. 

The things I believe in seem to come to life more often in my head. I’m not afraid or hesitant to act on my gut feeling. The actions I partake in are making more sense and are aligning to my goals.

And as quickly as I think this, I am suddenly lost. My direction is somewhat unclear. I suddenly begin to fear the unknown variables. I contemplate the worst is yet to come. And I am hit with a wave of adversity.

But I’ve learned to recognize this pattern. This is a part of me. This is how I grow. I go through patterns of clarity to sudden confusion. But I recognize and embrace this confusion. It allows me to understand and learn more about myself. As if we’re slowly adding regions to our map that we are able to set sea for. The confusion is a realization of an unknown part of me. 

The confusion period hurts. It can be disheartening. But I live for what is next- the abrupt fixture upon the light once more. 

The process, as we mentioned in our previous blog, is the definition of our character. To have gone through the periods of hurt and confusion is to learn our true colors. Refine your process by adding more “confusion-and-clarity roller coaster rides.”

Slowly but surely, our person begins to grow. What seemed like many moons ago, is suddenly today. And the person that has endured the ups and downs is a new someone.  

Embrace the change, One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 8 March 2019  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson