Rationalizing Irrational.

Why do I try to rationalize that which I know is not good for me? I promised myself I’d be better. Told the world I was worthy; I’d speak loud by my actions. Yet, my mentality glitches from time to time. It accepts situations not always in my best interest. 

 I rationalize the irrational to give myself anxiety suppressant. Momentary satisfaction followed by a longer lasting side effect. Is one step forward worth the two steps back? Of course, my guilty conscious will argue my steps were not forward, but perhaps sideways. I rationalize. For myself, for my worries.

 Recently I can’t deal with that. My anxiety alas has caught up. Times have changed and I no longer have the capacity to onboard anything that works against my one way ticket.

 A mean ugly creature festers the more we give into irrational. It’s up to our own discipline to keep our train on the tracks. The bad grows worse when locked up in a cage. So to this I have a call to action for all. 

Be bigger than your current state. Rationalize rational and do not give in to groundless acts.  

Keep irrational, irrational. One Day at a Time

David Halvorson | 26 April 2019  | @dhalvy99

David Halvorson