Leap of Faith

Sometimes I feel as if I’m running.  Mountains fill the setting around me. Every hill and obstacle are daily tasks which I overcome. At times, I become winded and bored with the scenery. The constant stroll of everyday life around me grows tedious. But deep down I can’t help but feel something much bigger is only a few more paces ahead. The larger opportunities in life. 

That leap is near. And in order to make it, I have to push myself. I need as much momentum as I can possibly gain to make the jump. I need to put the work in now. And with every step building up to my opportunity.

All at once, my foot leaves the clifftop. A few small rocks crumble off the side of the bluff. I can’t help but glance down as I slowly become suspended. Dark. Unknown. My clarity in this moment is clouded. As if all I’ve ever worked for is suddenly given over to faith. Faith alone decides if I should connect with the other side. 

Thoughts turn emotional. Everything has stopped. Time stands still-mid air. My “why” suddenly comes back to me. The family and friends that depend on me. The disappointment and dismay, should I not land. It all sets in. I remember the effort I had dedicated toward this one moment. I see the moon. The air is fresh. The small detail all around I had forgotten about for so long; it’s also coming back to me. I am appreciative of this moment, mid-leap. Everything I’ve loved and turned to, becomes closer to me in this time of uncertainty.

I am at peace with my beginning to where I am now. I worked through the tough times, knowing full well they do not define me. Rather, they reveal my true spirit. I’ve poured my soul into an uncertain dream so when the time comes to take my leap of faith, I am fully prepared.

The opposite side of the cliff focuses in. I can see it now. And just as time stood still, it is restored. I will take my leap of faith, One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 3 April 2019  |@dhalvy99

David Halvorson