A Sincerest Belief

I think the greatest sign of respect is not necessarily an outward declaration of sincerity towards another, but something of deeper implication. No verbal or physical actions of “love”, yet those are always welcomed and appreciated. I think the humblest of true gratitude towards someone, is believing in them. Believing in their values, what they stand/stood for, and applying their lessons some way or another to your own person. 

Though you never superficially avowed their aura, deep down there was something that you felt. It felt right. When life became a bit fuzzy, you naturally turned to this person’s probable decision in the moment. 

The belief that we create our own person from lessons, education, and experience is everything short of true. The people we gravitate to and believe in, tend to have lasting effects on your character. We are who we believe in. Our true morals and very core of who we are resemble that trust in another’s character. 

Truth is relative. Right is relative. As we grow up, our comprehension of “just” action is a hard concept to solidify. As the world turns on our lives, influences come and go. Sometimes, my path leads a bit further than expected. But I often find myself back to square one. Back to my “this is right” state of mind. My person I believe in is there. They pull me back to moral reality. 

 For this I am thankful. My life stays on track. I don’t know where I’m going. But I do know it’s all ok.

Believe in people, One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 17 May 2019  | @dhalvy99

David Halvorson