A Deal with "Time"

My perception of time and my schedule are a bit odd. Those closest to me know best. There’s always been a sense of urgency in my daily tasks. A bit of nervousness. And a bit of fulfillment. A bit of manic personality if I feel my sights aimed a little left or a little right. But I’m cool with it. I struck a deal with time:

I struck a deal with time. We came upon terms in which the outcome benefitted the both of us. I would learn the value of time and therefore would waste less of it. Time would severely remind me whenever I began to stray away from it, to the point of anxiety and angst. My purpose and view was shifted. I no longer took time for granted. Planning and strategic usages of my minutes became second to natural.

Our deal included caveat that where I was able to breathe upon successfully completing milestone goals. But aside from short pauses, he kept ticking. Our relationship turned dry over the years. As I saw my friends waste it and family members run out of it, I realized time had no sympathy. He cared not for those who showed no regard for him. I couldn’t be mad at him though. Those who wasted him, wasted their lives. It was a simple and sad truth.

 I set out to deliver my message through Windy Willow to be your best you. The “off days” are not days to take off. Time takes no days off.

Be mindful of him. If your world lives for the weekend, while all the other hours and days are left on auto-pilot, time will eventually remind you. Your life is meant to be lived to the fullest, each day and each hour. 

I think deep down, we all dream to do something great. Time tells us he is limited. Within that limit are millions of opportunities. Choose to pass on time and opportunities, live out your days with regret. Strike a deal with time, become mindful of each other, live a fulfilling life One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 3 May 2019  | @dhalvy99

David Halvorson