Somewhere Between.

Somewhere between the water and the sky, we’re trying to find a happy medium. A transcendent state of mind that puts a hard stop loss to sadness and regret; a channel that advocates for the joyfulness.  

 Where between captures the happiest and saddest experiences to create some, ideally, story that surmounts to a more positive scale of happy. We fill this medium with stories, people, and practices. The process of writing this medium’s story, almost comparably, is the developing expanse as sky moves away from water.

 Often, we attempt to re-create others’ expanse, as applied to our own lives. No sleeve fits the same soul, however, and this is where an individual lacks an appreciation for their true self. But eventually, we find that truth. The truth that we are all capable of an independent journey. Independent, meaning initiative taken by your own potential, filled with the company of others.

 The mediums that “could-be” to “as-is” don’t always measure up to a happy world. But the more we tune into what truly matters in our world, we as a human race can slowly shift scales to how life should be lived. 

 I urge you to find you happy medium. Appreciate your life. And find somewhere between, One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 30 May 2019  | @dhalvy99

David Halvorson