Identity Capital 2.0

Make yourself good at many of things to provide or exude value into the world. If you truly believe you can become good at one thing, why not take the time to grow and become good at many things.

The world is only as good as the output from those who inhabit it. You are only as good as the things you pour your time into. Your intellectual capital is a dangerous weapon. 

There are those who fear job loss. And there are those who trust in the value of their mind. Because when your situation goes South, those who can think on their feet and innovate build their own raft. Those who succumb to their circumstance drown by their own will 

Identity capital, because we prepare to be ready. Learn to do it later after the opportunity says hi? Absolutely not. You don’t hand out rain checks to handshakes. There is no consignment deal to sell the skills you don’t have. 

We prepare to succeed. Live to your full potential. Learn that new skill. Take that extra course. Worst case, you only better yourself. Identity capital, because we’re all amazing in more ways than we know. It’s upon yourself to find that “amazing”, One Day at a Time

David Halvorson | 10 May 2019  | @dhalvy99

David Halvorson