Take Time.

Take time to ~Breathe ~ 

Appreciate the smallest of tasks and the largest accomplishments.

Breathe in (step back clear your mind)

Breathe out (step forward with a clear and optimistically conscious mind)

Life is all about the relative standards we create. In previous blogs we’ve touched on how some take relative standards too far and rational their irrational behavior- in poor decisions or in lack thereof decision. We constantly and consistently try to find a medium between utilizing our full potential to resting when needed.

There is no shame is stepping back when you’ve hit your wall. Active humans need recovery. And for those who find anxiety in doing nothing- just breathe. Stepping away from your craft, your job, your sport, your goal allows your body and mind to revive and rethink. 

When creating a masterpiece, the artists steps back to evaluate. To make sure every corner is tied to perfection. Piece by careful piece, a craft is constructed. The artist in not judged on the relative quickness of completion, but rather the quality of finished product. 

Take time to breathe, because you can only hold your breath for so long. 

Take time to breathe, because to create new, you must refine your process simultaneously.

Take time to breathe, because your dream is only as healthy as its creator.

Take time to breathe, One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 15 June 2019  | @dhalvy99

David Halvorson