Setbacks of Milestones.

“You eat the elephant one bite at a time”

 Break it up. Create a sequence to conquer; create a structured process of achieving your goal. I doing so, we’re able to track the progress of our input. Often we’re entertained of the thought, the feeling of small victory. And while working towards your goal full throttle is important, small victories may cause brief halts in your momentum. 

 The setbacks of milestones separate driven from determined. Just because you drive, doesn’t mean you don’t stop along the way. Those who fall short, are the ones who eventually became satisfied with the environment they’ve journeyed through. They lost site, and fell short.

 Not every set back is painted with a red “L” on its forehead. It can be disguised as an appealing circumstance, put in your path to draw you away from the focus. The set backs of being almost there give us a taste of what’s yet to come. 

 Can you center your focus? Or do you oblige to shortcomings? This entire concept, obviously relates to discipline. If we train ourselves to be disciplined on the way up, our character maintains that integrity long after we’ve climbed the climb. 

Overcome your setbacks, no matter what they’re disguised as,One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 21 June 2019  | @dhalvy99

David Halvorson