Categorizing Tendencies.

The world has a tendency to categorize for the purpose of dumbing down severity and consequence of action. A bold statement, yes. But that’s the issue. There is a lack of boldness in our actions. For some reason, we as people are moving towards a society that covers up the absence of self-discipline.  

Take the following examples:


“Don’t miss out. Everyone’s going to be there. You can finish everything later. We showed up because we had FOMO, it’s all ok.” 

Absent knowledge stereotyping.

“I feel this way about a person truly because I am not educated on their upbringing, but I will reflect my outward connotation because I classify them as “this”.” 

F*** it.

Excuse my language, but for the sake of making a point, this common phrase has correlation to mutual tendencies among peers. “I couldn’t finish, so I didn’t. And that’s that.”

If you’re still here with me, great. If I’ve lost you by now and you think I’m full of it, perhaps we have some self-reflection to do. 

We’ve moved towards a categorization of rationalizing irrational behavior. There is safety in numbers. And the more drops in each categorized bucket, numbs the guilty regret of making a decision to fall short on your goals. 

Don’t numb your conscious intelligence. 

This is a differentiating factor between average and extraordinary. Hold on to your self-discipline and suppress the idiocrasy to be less than you are. Live your best conscious, intelligent life, One Day at a Time.

David Halvorson | 27 June 2019 | @dhalvy99

David Halvorson