No Matter the Topic.

See through their eyes.

For just a moment, take the time to look into their very heart and feel what they feel. 

Doesn’t it seem as if comprehension could serve us well? If we could rationally and mutually come to agreements not based on emotion, but an understanding of each other’s basis, efficiency of human interaction increases tenfold.

But how? Emotions take their position in the driver seat to commonly disrupt our discussions and relationships. I have a suggestion which can essentially be broken into two categories. 

Conversations with current relationships should always resemble an outcome that epitomizes the roots of your affiliation (or bond for more meaningful connections). Again, we are naturally emotionally charged. But self-reflection should be a tool we use on our forefronts. Reflect on what this person means to you; on what means are you mutually continuing a connection. Apply this sense of respect to the conversation. Your response turns into a demonstration of your respect for them, no matter the topic.

Conversations with new relationships or strangers are tryouts; a first impression and reflection of your character that extends beyond the first words exchanged. Bystanders, eavesdroppers, and reviews delivered to other parties by this individual in the conversation all evaluate your response in this one moment. Nobody likes a sour after taste, so don’t lead with that. No, do not be a ‘smoosher’. Be genuine, honest, and kind, no matter the topic.

I continue to push the envelope of an increase in human efficiency and relationship quality through improvement of interaction. You could change someone’s mood. You could change someone’s day. You could change someone’s life.

No matter the topic, be bigger than the present, One Day at a Time

David Halvorson | 15 July 2019 | @dhalvy99

David Halvorson