Immobilized by Fear.

Immobilized by fear. Afraid to take the next leap. You’ve entered the stagnant phase, and up next is a paralyzing venture. Not ready to risk it all to make the jump.

Fear is obviously an adversity we all encounter at one point or another. But I don’t think we’ve all come to understand it is not a static adversity. While some allow fear to consume their decisions and lives, others act against fear, knowing it is a dynamic creature.

For one, the child encounters a monster under the bed and is again, immobilized and cannot proceed to make a move. That interaction lasts between child and monster. The monster grows and child’s anxiety thrives. See the situation begins to change as thoughts of hopelessness and “worse-to-come” enter. The fear that was created, evolved and became something it at first, was not. 

Much like our daily lives, the reasons we decide not to move on or take that next step are only worsened if no battle is enacted. To lay down and die, is a choice. The fear is apparent, but can be dealt with- calling for your willingness to move outside the comfort zone. 

Again, the child encounters a monster under his bed and quickly grabs his toy sword, makes the leap off the edge of his bed, and swings for the light. Gone. What could have been a near death experience, turned out to be extra storage under the bed. 

The point is, fear is what you make it (and also what you do not make of it); a dynamic ugliness that festers and grows to blacken your world. Make the first move and you can stop its progression. 

Immobilize the fear, do not let it immobilize you- One Day at a Time

David Halvorson | 22 August 2019 | @dhalvy99

David Halvorson