Our Story and Mission


 Founded in 2016, we set out on a mission to do our small part as moral humans to create a brand and platform that works to give back to a cause. Around the same time of our founding, we lost close friends to suicide with others who had attempted. Depression, thoughts of suicide, and mental illness are ugly creatures that only grows the more they are contained. There will always be someone who understands, no matter how bad the going gets.

We formally extend our hand to you. If you have absolutely no one else who is willing to listen, we will. Though you don’t know us yet, there is never a better time than now. Please use us as a shoulder to lean on. For those who wish to support our cause, feel free to follow our donation link to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. A percentage of proceeds from our store items is also donated to AFSP.


We believe in pushing the concept of expanding our mental capacities by communicating with one another with a TRUE open mind. In doing so, we learn about ideas that we may not even be aware of that can help to understand our own thoughts. Currently, we blog, have a social media presence, push motivational topics, post occasional vlogs, and have an inventory of items that embodies “a comfy feeling”.

Our collection includes a selection of leisurewear and food/supplement products items. We’ve also broken into the coffee industry. Our signature “Dark and Smoky” blend is available online. We plan to launch more blends in the near future with an option to subscribe to a “coffee of the month” package.

If we can ever be a friend or of assistance to you, please reach out.

“Though life becomes windy, we stay rooted in our values from which we find happiness One Day at a Time.”